Monday, September 24, 2012

Vera Bradley Abby Review

Abby has always been a bag that I really wanted but I didn't know what I would do with it, and I didn't know what print to get it in.  When Provencal was released, I loved it so much I thought, "why not give Abby a try?"  I really do love this print, and Abby looks so adorable in Provencal, I've gotten countless compliments on this bag.  There are a few improvements I would like to see but here's what Abby has to offer.

Abby in Provencal
This is a beautiful bag you can carry all year long.  The structured handle lets you carry this handheld or on your wrist.
Abby has 4 slip pockets on the outside of the bag and they are deep.  I can easily fit my phone inside and it's completely secure, I usually throw my keys in another pocket.  The pockets are so big I don't know what all to put in there!!  I love these pockets, I think it's a great feature on this bag.
Abby has a zipper closure, and I love zippers!! 
Inside view of the Abby
I was very surprised by how spacious the inside of this bag is. 
On one side there is large zipper pocket.  I use this for personal items or headphones.
The other side has 3 slip pockets.  I usually have lotion, gum, and hand sanitizer in these pockets.  Again, I was surprised at how big these slip pockets are.
I can easily fit my Kindle keyboard, turn lock wallet, and the medium bag from the cosmetic trio in this bag, along with everything I mentioned above in the slip pockets.
This bag is perfect for a night on the town, or dinner with friends, but I can not use this bag everyday.  That really broke my heart because this bag is so beautiful and I want to use it all the time.  Perhaps if Vera could make a removable strap, that could go across your body or even over your shoulder, that might make this bag a little more functional for day to day.
What are your thoughts?  Comment below and sound off!!


  1. Nice review! I'm not one for handbags, so I probably won't pick this one up. It is really cute, though :>.

  2. Thank you!! I'd say if you can pick one up on sale, it is a great little going out bag.