Saturday, September 15, 2012

More pics from you guys!!

I really love talking to you all about our Vera obsession, it makes me feel more normal, lol.  I also really love when you guys send in picutres!!  Here are the latest...

This is Molly's new weekender in Paisley Meets Plaid (which is on sale right now ;-) ) and her new beautiful blanket in Provencal, just in time for fall.  I'm adding this blanket to my ever expanding list now.
Molly also picked up a shower caddy in Priscilla Pink and a wristlet in Tea Garden.  I bet she saved a ton with the sales going on right now!!
This is a pic from one of our Instagram followers, @karoadams, while on vacation in Orlando.  Even the Simpsons have Vera in their world!!  Love that hipster in Very Berry Paisley.
Great backpack selection, perfect for the college gal on the go.
This was made by a fellow Vera lover, Angela, or as she's known to her Instagram followers, @VeraObsessed (If you aren't following her, do so now, lol. She keeps everyone up to date with sales and special offers.)
Thanks again for the beautiful pic!!


  1. Thanks for posting my pics! Can't wait to bring the shower caddy to work tomorrow :>.

  2. I'm so excited to see how it turns out!!

  3. The shower caddy worked great on my desk! In the inside, I fit 2 make-up bags and my brush. In the outer pockets, I'm planning to put 2 travel Bath and Body Works items of 4 of my fav scents - 1 scent per pocket should work :>. I already got lots of compliments on it - now I definitely want 1 more!!

  4. Send me a pic it would be perfect for this new post I'm working on.

  5. Okay, I'll send you one soon!